What makes NVN different?


NVN offers the most premium of services for protecting the finest of cars. We understand the unique environmental demands that cars are subject to in the region, and have tailored our product offering to reflect this.

We have an exclusive selection of industry-leading products for paint protection, window tinting and detailing - applied by a highly skilled in-house team. Our ethos from the moment your car arrives, until we return it back to you - is to ensure only the highest level of craftsmanship at every step.

The NVN Studio lies in the heart of Al Quoz, Dubai, and houses the latest in PPF technology. An 8000sq ft. hermetically sealed, dust-free environment has been designed specifically for the application of our products. The NVN technical team are the only team in the UAE to receive extensive factory training from XPEL, and are hand-picked for their experience in the industry.

Our signature product offering



1. A full inspection of your vehicle is performed to identify any existing scratches or flaws in the paintwork.

2. Cleaning, detailing and polishing of your car in full to ensure an absolutely flawless finish to provide the perfect base.

3. Our designers prepare the PPF templates according to your exact car model. NVN's computer-controlled plotter will produce a precision-cut PPF film, ready for application.

4. The PPF is applied by our experienced team via a proprietary, multi-step process.

5. Application of our Ceramic-X coating, which brings out a deep shine and lustre to the finish.

6. Quality control - our European technical managers review the process at every step.